Flip Your Sh*t!

Using Visual Propaganda to Harness Your Impulsivity

Maya Bechi, M.Ed


Inattentiveness and impulsivity are the main categories I filter out of the gripes I hear when it comes to the experience of living with attention deficits, post trauma stress, traumatic brain injury, concussions and depression. You know why? Young adults are at the helm of their social, academic, professional, love and spiritual lives all at once after leaving high school behind. Naturally, they may be hyped and scared about the possibilities and want to artfully command their own lives. The sheer level of insecurities swirling in the midst of their relationships is enough to cause the best of them to doubt their sovereignty and intrinsic beauty. I take it upon myself to join the ranks of social disruptors in an attempt to stoke ways for these eighteen-plus-ers to own their sh*t and flip it for their greater good.

Please hear me loud and clear when I say that there is a need for an over abundance of practice, reminders, and visual propaganda to re-shape thinking patterns so that the actions and choices that are to come, will serve them well as they embark on life independently.

The bottom line of my suggested visual propaganda campaign?

Your impulse began with your intuition.

Your Action Items

  1. Intuition is your understanding of whatever the heck just happened.
  2. Impulse is your reaction and the choice you make after whatever the heck just happened.
  3. Take ownership of the choice
  4. Reflect on what your understanding was and make a new choice
  5. Record an occurrence “do over” 30 second video-to-self
  6. Meditate, pray, yoga, binaural beats, breathwork or nap (choose one daily)
  7. Thank your intuition

Step 5

Step 5 is the visual propaganda (VP) opportunity. VP is just a modern way to influence attitudes among us. Creating a short for yourself, is a quick way to personalize and be specific if you have the resource of a smart phone on hand. Other ways to harness the power of VP is to grab a short clip from a movie, song, or existing social media content and loop it. Try it out. Sometimes it is ineffective to work against your impulses. Embrace it when you flip your sh*t.

Then have the courage to recognize your strengths.



Maya Bechi, M.Ed

Perfectly imperfect. A myriad of musings, research and writings. Educator, Indie Publisher, Supportive Human. Look me up. www.robsonandpuritan.com